US Military Fire Resistant Multicam Shirts

US Military Fire Resistant Multicam Shirts
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Product Description

We looked real hard, and managed to find a great deal. These are brand new US Military issue Multicam fire resistant shirts. Made in USA, fire resistant fabric, and with the built in insect repellent feature. These are the exact same shirts our Soldiers are wearing in Afghanistan right now!

These shirts are direct from the manufacturer, and are factory irregulars meaning there is a small defect. Sometimes a seam is not sewn straight, sometimes the fabric has a small spot that didn't dye just right, sometimes they had a small spot of damage fabric. Any damaged fabric has been professionally repaired, and to be honest when we look at these we can't even find the defect on 75% of them it is so minor and the government inspectors so picky. But the great news is you are getting these at an amazing price- real US made, US military issue shirts for less than the import copies. Trust us, you won't be disappointed with these!

Since these are factory irregulars that means we get whatever sizes come off the line, we don't get to pick and choose, so sizes and quantities are limited. May or may not have factory tags on them.