3 Pack US Military Gas Mask Bag / Messenger Bag / Possibles Bag

3 Pack US Military Gas Mask Bag / Messenger Bag / Possibles Bag
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Super sale- pack of 3 under $5! At that price you can even buy these just for the straps and hardware for projects and still are getting a deal, as usable bags they are an even greater deal!

These are real US military gas mask bags. Great as a shoulder bag for hiking and carrying your essential stuff, much like the early mountain men did calling it a "possibles bag". They can be carried as shoulder bag slung over the shoulder,on the hip with the strap used as a waist belt, or hung from a pistol belt or tactical vest with the attached hooks- lots of possibilities.

As designed the pack opens to the front, not top when carried. This is to make taking a gas mask out faster. They can be converted for a top-opening bag by moving one strap position by cutting and restitching it.


Mildew Resistant and Water Repellent Nylon Canvas w/ 2 Drain Holes

Approximate Size: 11" Width x 10.5" High x 4.5" Deep

Adjustable Waist/Shoulder & Thigh Straps

Flap Closure Fastens Securely w/ Velcro

Large Inside Pouch & 2 Small Outside Pouches w/ Velcro Closures, Plastic ID Pocket

Used, in good condition. May have some residue from tape used by the military for labeling or other markings from use in service.