US Military LBE Set- Pistol Belt, Suspenders, Ammo Pouches and Canteen!

US Military LBE Set- Pistol Belt, Suspenders, Ammo Pouches and Canteen!
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Product Description

Lots of people are buying AR15 series rifles these days and are looking for ways to carry magazines. There are lots of options out there, but our advice to new AR owners has always been buy a cheap, but DURABLE, set of gear first and take the savings and invest in some training. Then, after training with your rifle and gear you are in a position to judge if that gear you have is good enough or what you want to buy.

DURABLE means don't buy flashly looking gear made in China where some company named after a vulture copies high end gear and uses crappy slave labor to sew the cheapest materials they can with no quality control.

So we have a deal- for about the price of one AR magazine in many shops we have a complete USGI TA-50 Load Bearing Equipment Set- standard issue from the 1970's into the late 90's (and later in some units), these sets come with a pistol belt, suspenders, 2 ammo pouches that hold 3 30rd M16 magazines each, a canteen cover and a brand new canteen. These sets are used surplus, with the exception of the brand new canteen so you don't have to drink after somebody else.

Buckle styles will vary, shades of green will vary as this is used surplus gear, but we will inspect it to make sure it is all serviceable.

Simple, rugged, and cheap- what more do you need? (note- you will get the whole kit, but we are not putting them together for you at this low a price!)

Now to the options....

Sizes- There are two sizes of belt, medium and large. A medium let all the way out will measure 38-39, so for wear over a uniform it works for people with a waist up to about 35. If your waist is over 35 up to about a 48" go with the large as it will let out to about 52". We are also offering an option for those with a waist over 48" of two medium belts, hooked together front and back. Then you just use the front buckle and it works just like an XXL belt that can go up to 70".

Extenders- the extender is a pair of buckles with a nylon center that clips inside your existing buckle to extend your belt another 7.5". This can be used for two things, either to make the belt bigger to fit a bigger waist or to let your belt out when wearing cold weather gear, so you don't have to adjust your belt size every time the temp changes and you add or take off layers. you will be glad you have an extender if you live in an area where the temps shift often during a day and you take jackets or layers on and off.

Hydration bladder upgrade- a lot of people prefer a hydration bladder to a canteen. We will upgrade your set to add a US military hydration bladder carrier with a new commercial bladder. This comes as a standalone backpack type bladder, but you can attach it to the back of the suspenders and belt using zip ties if you wish to mount it on the unit. This lets you drink faster on the move, and also holds 2.5x the water.

Buttpack- the standard USGI buttpack can carry additional supplies for a longer trip- typical GI load in one would be a poncho, poncho liner, some MREs and other assorted supplies. They are 390 cubic inches and have a waterproof liner.