US Military Pioneer Tool Rack

US Military Pioneer Tool Rack
Item# pioneer_rack

Product Description

Do you have an off road vehicle, or need to carry tools in your work truck, tractor, or ATV? These are the military issue Pioneer Tool Racks used to carry them on the HMMWV. Each rack holds a full sized shovel, pick and axe. Has a carry handle on top to make it easy to handle, and 2 built in clamps that held it under the bed of the HMMWV. You can fabricate a mount that uses these clamps, or do like I did and just hold it on with ratchet straps- the rack looks great strapped to the spare tire of my Jeep, or on a roof rack on a Cherokee.

The racks are empty, the one with tools is just there to show you how they work. You can get tools at your local hardware store cheaper than I can sell them to you with shipping, so you save by getting them locally.

We are including 2 extra military cam-lock straps at no extra charge, that can be used to mount the rack or as extra security to hold the tools in place.