USMC Survival Tarp, Woodland MARPAT Camo

USMC Survival Tarp, Woodland MARPAT Camo
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Product Description

These tarps are real USMC issue, printed with the woodland MARPAT camo pattern on one side and coyote brown on the other. They measure 81"x88" and have 8 heavy duty grommets and 24 alternating snaps around the edge,making them extremely versatile.

The potential uses are almost unlimited, but here are a few examples:

A tent or shelter can be made from 1, 2 or more. Either using a pole or stick on both ends like a pup tent, or with a single pole on one corner with the other 3 corners staked down, or with 2 poles or hung between two trees in lean-to fashion. With these tarps and some para cord the shelter options are almost unlimited.

Use as a ground cloth.

Us as a simple camo cover for a hunting position.

Use and a field expedient litter.

Use to construct a "poncho raft", with no hood they work better than a poncho.

Use as a rain cover or fly over a hammock.

Those are but a few of the uses! These are such a versatile item that every survival kit and bug out bag needs one.

These tarps are used, inspected, and repaired if needed. Should you need to repair it at a later date we will include with each one a small piece of patch material, and we recommend using "Goop" brand adhesive. Some tiny pinholes may remain, as our eyes are not perfect, but they will be so minor as to not affect use of the tarp.