WWII-Korea-Vietnam M-1944 Suspenders

WWII-Korea-Vietnam M-1944 Suspenders
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Product Description

These are the original style combat suspenders used by the US Army from 1944 until they began being replaced in 1956, but they were seen still in service well into the 1960's including early in Vietnam.

They serve double purpose as they are both combat suspenders for the pistol belt and cartridge belt or the shoulder straps for the M-1944 and M-1945 field packs, or were used for both purposes simultaneously.

We have both WWII and post WWII production, Sometime in the 1950's they started making an improved version with padded suspenders for more comfort. We can select the early or late style for you, and if you want a WWII dated pair can hend select that as well for $3 more.

These are used, 50+ year old military surplus, so don't expect brand new stuff. They will have wear, marks and the great vintage gear smell. All will be inspected to ensure they are fully serviceable and ready to display or use.