WWII M-1936 Suspenders

WWII M-1936 Suspenders
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Product Description

These are original pre-WWII and early WWII suspenders. They came from a large batch I got that came out of Norway in the 90ís, these are real ETO used ones that were left in Europe after the war.

They are all used, donít expect new. They all have typical wear, minor rust or corrosion on metal you expect on a 75 year old piece of used kit, various small marks or stains on the fabric. Some still have visible dates and makers marks, however on most it is very faded or gone. All that said every one I send out will be fully usable and serviceable.

I have the following ones available:

Regular used ones- they are ready to use, but will have some rust on the hardware that can clean off, some staining and show more wear. May or may not be dated, but most likely will have no date or one not clearly readable $25 Hand selected for best condition $30 (for minimal stains or wear) Hand selected for best readable dates and makers marks $30 Hand select for best condition and also best readable dates and makers marks $35

We are hand inspecting every pair of these we send out.